MB-NET Usenet


cleanfeed logo Free usenet access for non commercial use for customers and friends of MB-NET (please send an e-Mail) and to all members of the Open-News-Network.

Server information

Server name:news.mb-net.net (aka news6.open-news-network.org)
Server locationHerne, Germany; AS31184
Admin contact:Michael Bussmann <peering@mb-net.net>
Abuse contact:<abuse@mb-net.net>
Accept from:XYZ-out.news.mb-net.net
Send to:XYZ-in.news.mb-net.net
XYZ will be specific for each peer
Path exclusion:news.mb-net.net
NNTP Port:119
NNRP Port:119, 563 (SSL)
Max. article size:128 KB
Spamfilter:cleanfeed, NoCeM
Top 1000:Submitting daily
Hierarchies:All except binaries
Selected gmane.* groups (read-only)
Group info: newsgroups, active




Active peers as of 2024-04-05

Peers: news.babsi.de, news.freedyn.de, news.roellig-ltd.de,
news.bbs.geek.nz, news.eternal-september.org, feeder.erje.net, finalfrontier.ch gegeweb.org news.mind.de, news.leine.de, news.snarked.org, news.swapon.de, news.nobody.at, quux.org, news.samoylyk.net, news.weretis.net,

Note to new peers

Due to a lot of peers already active, please check you match as many of the following critera before asking for establishing a new feed: As a rule of thumb: When in doubt, just ask. Please send an e-mail to the adress mentioned above and make sure you do not send any binaries and add the max size!

Sample config files

Tools (ONN)

Server statictics

gwaiyur-df gwaiyur-cpu gwaiyur-mem

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